The new style of wedding: civil celebrants!

Jun 18

Marriage, a holy union between man and woman. As old as time itself, marriages have been a centerpiece of our societal norms. Uniting the two individual has been marked by different practices and beliefs. Different cultures have different doing it. The phrase “till death does you apart” is common among Christians; it marks the onset of a long journey by man and woman in their marriage. The world is however changing, people’s beliefs and practices are constantly under revolution. Sometime in the 1960s, marriage too came face to face with revolution, and it had to bow to it. How did it happen?

It begun in Australia. Mr. Lionel Murphy, the reigning attorney general worked tirelessly to the ensure enacting of a marriage bill-the marriage act 1961. It categorically explained that weddings could be conducted by somebody else who is not a clergy. A marriage celebrant-as they are famously known, is an individual mandated by law to conduct wedding ceremony and render the union legal just like a religious marriage. Probably you are wondering why this was necessary. Read this post here to know more about wedding celebrant that you can ask questions for.

For many people who were married, the “till death does you apart” was a dream that seemed far-fetched. A simple domestic dispute led to a divorce. Divorce later became common as most couples broke up. Unfortunately, the two dominant churches at that time-the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church treated divorced people with contempt, they were blamed for breaking the Christian doctrines. The government registry too had a hand in frustrating the already distressed married couples. It was traumatic and unimaginably stressful. Also, interdenominational marriages were impossible. This numerous problems necessitated a change. People jumped to immediate solutions like declaring themselves nonreligious. And that’s why Lionel Murphy had to act, though he experienced heavy resistance from other legislators and the Church, he was the one who appointed the first wedding celebrant.

Currently, this is a blessing to partners who are not religious or religious couples who don’t wish to be joined in a church. You can choose anywhere as the venue for your marriage-the beach side, a private hotel conference center, a rainforest or a hot air balloon. For more information about weddings and places where you can held your wedding, read the review from this source.

You definitely have endless possibilities of the wedding venue. A good celebrant should be comfortable with your choice.
Like an architecture who is responsible for designing a structure of your dream, a civil celebrant is professionally trained to give you that fairy tale marriage you have always dreamt of. Having a problem having an interdenominational, a formal or informal marriage? A civil celebrant should be your choice. They do not have affiliation to any religious or cultural practice-they can ensure a wedding is themed to your exact wishes. A religious couple can feature the blessings of their clergy in their wedding (if they are not opposed to the idea of a civil marriage). You can have a lengthy wedding featuring your family and friends or just a quick elopement. The choice is completely yours. A marriage celebrant is supposed to guide and take you all the documentation involving the marriage. For your children, you can find a naming celebrant to oversee their naming ceremonies. It is a free world, though it is utterly important to remain within the confines of the law.

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